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Personalized Artisan Sweet Roasted Cashew, Almond & Pecan Gift Bags Wedding Gifts and Personalized Wedding Favors

Q's Nuts

Personalized Artisan Sweet Roasted Cashew, Almond & Pecan Gift Bags

  • Minimum: 25 bags
  • Order Processing Time: 3-4 business days  (Please be aware this is the minimum processing time needed from the moment the order is placed until it is shipped. This does not include shipping time.)
  • Order Shipping Time: 2-5 business days (this is the time required from the moment the order is shipped until it arrives at your door.)
  • Custom Gift Tag/Sticker Processing Time: 7-10 business days (This includes design time, sending you a digital proof, printing and final shipping of the entire order. Please note this is an average time frame. It MAY increase if it takes longer to approve your design proof - for example if you request changes or take longer than average to reply with an approval.)
  • Total Order Time WITH Personalization: 12-19 business days
  • Total Order Time WITHOUT Personalization: 5-9 business days


Q's has a simple philosophy that all natural ingredients, a love of good food and a passion for getting creative in the kitchen is a recipe for success in producing some of the BEST tasting nut roasts around!

Our original recipes start with the freshest raw nuts which we then roast in small batches with superior ingredients including fresh herbs and spices, 100% vanilla and organic raw sugar for an ultra unique flavor packed with fiber, protein, unsaturated fats and essential vitamins and minerals!

Each bag is packed full with your choice of cashews, almonds, pecans or a mix and comes beautifully packaged with your choice of cello or rice paper bags personalized for your special day or sealed with Q's Nuts signature sticker. Each gift bag holds between 2-2.5 ounces of nuts depending on the type of nut.


  • Sweet Roast (Cashews/Almonds/Pecans/Mixed): The classic Bavarian nut. 100% All Natural vanilla, cinnamon and raw cane sugar.
  • Mexican Chocolate (Cashews/Almonds/Pecans/Mixed): Rich dark chocolate flavor. Stone ground dark chocolate, raw can sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.
  • Chocolate Coconut (Almonds/Mixed): Rich dark chocolate with the chewy sweetness of coconut. Stone ground dark chocolate, raw can sugar and natural coconut.
  • Chocolate Lavender (Cashews/Almonds): Rich dark chocolate with the floral notes of fresh lavender. Stone ground dark chocolate, raw cane sugar and lavender.
  • Chocolate Raspberry (Cashews/Almonds/Mixed): The sweet, rich flavor of dark chocolate with tangy raspberries. Stone ground dark chocolate, raw cane sugar and natural raspberries.
  • Chocolate Orange Cardamom (Almonds): Dark chocolate with the subtle undertones of orange peel and cardamom. Stone ground dark chocolate, raw cane sugar, orange peel, and cardamom.
  • Key Lime Ginger (Cashews/Almonds/Mixed): Tangy lime, spicy ginger and the sweetness of coconut. Natural ginger, key lime juice, raw cane sugar and coconut.
  • Banana Foster (Cashews/Almonds/Pecans/Mixed): Inspired by the classic New Orleans dessert. Sweet banana and caramel flavors. Natural rum, raw cane sugar and real banana.
  • Coquito (Almonds): A take on the traditional Puerto Rican cocktail. Natural rum coconut and raw can sugar with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon.
  • Cayenne Mango (Cashews/Almonds/Pecans/Mixed): Sweet mango with a bit of heat. Raw cane sugar, natural mango and cayenne.
  • Flaming (Cashews/Mixed): A nice blend of savory flavors with a spicy finish. Sesame oil, sea salt and hot chillies.
  • Rosemary with Sea Salt (Cashews): Nice savory flavor with the subtle hint of rosemary. Olive oil, sea salt and rosemary.


Give your gifts a unique personal touch with our high quality, personalized stickers and gift tags. Order, design and customize your stickers or gift tags quickly and easily, choosing from a variety of modern trends, colors and styles. Options vary depending on the product type and fit.

After you choose the color of your sticker or gift tag you’ll choose from our collection of 60+ original designs! Next select your design colors - labeled “Color 1” and “Color 2” and add your personal details for a complete customization! 

Once your order is placed, a digital proof of your personalized sticker or gift tag design will be created and sent by email within 48 hours for your approval.

Your gift bags will arrive at your door with your personalized stickers already applied to each bag!

When you add personalized stickers or gift tags to your order, you receive them at a significant discount compared to ordering them on their own. We’re happy to do this for you because we want to help make your gifts EXTRA special for you and your guests.

*All personalized gift tag and sticker orders are final upon proof approval

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