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Personalized Mini 2oz Raw Honey Jars
Personalized Mini 2oz Raw Honey Jars
Personalized Mini 2oz Raw Honey Jars

Personalized Mini 2oz Raw Honey Jars

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Make your wedding day extra sweet with honey, a sign of fertility, love, and beauty according to the greeks and romans! These mini honey jars look extra cute and are a super sweet way to say thank you to your friends and loved ones for celebrating with you.

Our mini honey jars are made with Sola Bee honey which is raw, 100% pure and contains no additives. Our honey is unpasteurized and all natural, in order to maintain the integrity of honey and to preserve the pollens and proteins found in raw honey delivering the natural pollens and beneficial elements of the hive directly to you.


Sacramento Valley Wildflower:

A complex flavor from a variety of spring and summer blooms, Sacramento Valley Wildflower is known for its ever-changing sweetness. Wildflower honey can vary in flavor depending on the season and blossoms the honeybees visit. Sacramento Valley Wildflower is sure to please anyone who enjoys pure, raw honey.

Flavor profile: Traditional floral notes with a warm cinnamon, earthy essence.

Wine Country Wildflower:

Luscious and thick, this wildflower honey is often the sweetest honey Sola Bee produces. It is made from many different types of flowers, so its flavor ranges from season to season. Wine Country Wildflower is always extra sweet and scrumptious, making its allergy reducing qualities a treat as well as a necessity.

Flavor profile: Rich caramel tones, spicy nutmeg notes, balanced, yet powerful.

Light Clover:

This raw honey is a single flower sourced varietal. It has a light color. A treat for any honey lover, this light clover honey is sure to please!

Flavor profile: Simple, smooth sweet flavor.


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