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Sugar Mammas Handmade Sea Salt Caramels Gourmet Wedding Gifts and Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized Caramel Wedding Favors


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Hand Crafted, Small Batch & Award Winning Sea Salt Caramels!

All of our caramels are made to order in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives! Made with love and entirely hand-crafted they have an unforgettable buttery, creamy, soft and luscious texture your wedding guests will absolutely fall in love with!

Available in the most unique flavors you've ever heard of as well as our award winning sea salt caramel classic! The caramels come beautifully packaged in your choice of:

  • 2 piece caramel in a clear plastic bag
  • 2 piece caramel in a clear plastic box
  • 2 piece caramel in a blue box
  • 3 piece caramel in an open gold dotted box
  • 8 piece caramel in a clear box
  • 12 piece caramel in a clear plastic bag


Flavors available year round:

  • Sea Salt Caramels: Our signature flavor, award- winning Sea Salt Caramels. This is where it all began and is our #1 TOP SELLER! Unbeatable balance of sweet and salty.
  • Bourbon Caramels: Our Bourbon Caramels are filled with luscious notes of warm, smooth Bourbon which makes them extra creamy and buttery.
  • Beer and Pretzel Caramels: The crunch of salty pretzels mixed with the toasty mellow flavor of beer, combine in this classic combination.
  • Champagne Caramels: Buttery soft with floral aromas topped with sparkling sugar to evoke the bubbly effervescence of Champagne. Perfect for every sweet celebration!
  • Margarita Caramels: A fiesta for your taste buds! A burst of zippy lime, enhanced by a touch of tequila and finished with a salty rim of the glass taste.
  • Rum Caramels: Our Rum Caramels will make you reach for a cocktail umbrella! Like a Rum punch, this caramel is a party in your mouth!
  • Chai Caramels: The flavors of your favorite Chai beverage are infused in our Chai Caramels. A delicious aromatic blend of traditional Indian spices.
  • Chili Pepper Caramels: "Some like it hot!" If your style is spicy then our Chili Pepper caramels are for you! The caramel is infused for hours with red chili peppers giving them a kick of heat that is spicy and sweet!
  • Chocolate Caramels: Premium dark chocolate is melted into these caramels for the ultimate deep, rich, luxurious bite that every chocolate lover craves!
  • Coffee Caramels: Our Coffee Caramels are like a cup of Joe on the go! Wake up and smell the real, rich coffee in these sweet creamy treats.
  • Agave Honey Caramels: Agave Honey Caramels are a sugar free alternative to our signature Sea Salt Caramels. Buzzing with locally sourced honey for an extra soft chew.
  • Vegan Caramels: Vegan Caramels are made as a dairy free alternative to our signature Sea Salt Caramels. Made with vegan "butter' and vegan "cream."
Flavors available for Sept - Feb Weddings
  • Pecan Caramels: If you like Pecan Pie, you'll LOVE our Pecan Caramels. Packed with real pecans enrobed with velvety caramel.
  • Pumpkin Spice Caramels: Pumpkin pie flavors fill these caramels with the warming notes of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.
Flavors available for March - Sept Weddings
  • Meyer Lemon Caramels: Our Meyer Lemon Caramels are infused with the juice of real Meyer lemons. Bursting with a sweet floral aroma and taste.
  • Coconut Caramels: Packed with 4 layers of real coconut, these soft and creamy Coconut Caramels are a tropical dream come true!
  • Passion Fruit Caramels: Our Passion Fruit Caramels are an exotic sweet- tangy taste of the islands. A vacation for your taste buds!

Give your gifts a unique personal touch with our high quality, personalized stickers and gift tags. Order, design and customize your stickers or gift tags quickly and easily, choosing from a variety of modern trends, colors and styles. Options vary depending on the product type and fit.

After you choose the color of your sticker or gift tag you’ll choose from our collection of 60+ original designs! Next select your design colors - labeled “Color 1” and “Color 2” and add your personal details for a complete customization!

Once your order is placed, a digital proof of your personalized sticker or gift tag design will be created and sent by email within 48 hours for your approval.

Your gift bags/boxes will arrive at your door with your personalized stickers already applied to each gift!

When you add personalized stickers or gift tags to your order, you receive them at a significant discount compared to ordering them on their own. We’re happy to do this for you because we want to help make your gifts EXTRA special for you and your guests.

*All personalized gift tag and sticker orders are final upon proof approval

Order processing: 10-15 business days*
Shipping time: 4-6 business days

    *** Remember that our artisan favors are made to order and handcrafted in small batches – this process requires more time than other mass produced options. Our artisan gifts are made fresh which requires more time to ensure the highest quality to YOU! We appreciate your respect for the process and patience! 

    What is Order Processing Time? This is the minimum processing time needed from the moment the order is placed until it is shipped. 

    What is Order Shipping Time: This is the time required from the moment the order is shipped until it arrives at your door.

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