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Personalized 3-Piece Maple Honey Caramel Gift Boxes

  • Minimum order: 48 gift boxes
  • Order Processing Time: 5-7 Business Days (12-120 gift boxes); 7-10 Business Days (121-360 gift boxes); 10-29 Business Days (361+ gift boxes) (Please be aware this is the minimum processing time needed from the moment the order is placed until it is shipped. This does not include shipping time.)
  • Order Shipping Time: 5-7 Business Days (this is the time required from the moment the order is shipped until it arrives at your door.)


Our 3-piece Maple Honey Caramel gift boxes are a thoughtful way to say thank you to your guests! They're the perfect size for a table setting and make and endearing memento and wedding favor!

Our Maple Honey Caramels are certified organic and handmade in small batches. They're slow cooked to develop their complex caramelized flavor profile, distinct translucent deep amber color and their smooth, buttery texture!

Each fresh made caramel is hand-cut into generous 1 inch squares and hand-wrapped in parchment paper.


Our Love Caramel gift boxes come with a very special keepsake heart card (2 1⁄4 x 3 3/8 inches). Heart cards are 2 sided and made with love, hand-printed on the front with a hand-cut linoleum block on ’Arturo’ fine Italian stationery (120 lb. natural cellulose). Buttercream in color with corona felt finish. Your special message will be printed on a clear label and affixed to the back of each card for your guests to find and enjoy.


ORGANIC MAPLE HONEY CARAMELS: Fresh superior quality ingredients (maple syrup, honey, heavy cream, butter, sea salt, vanilla bean, and citric acid) give our caramels their distinct flavor profile. The organic Maple Syrup used in making our caramels is made on-site, at the maple tree farm of Brookfield Maple Products, Pennsylvania, traveling only a few hundred feet from the trees to where it's boiled down to maple syrup, then carried only a few feet to the kitchen where caramel is made. We make our own butter without additives, just fresh heavy whipping cream. We make our own vanilla flavoring using whole organic vanilla beans. And we use flavorful, hand harvested, 100% natural French Grey Sea Salt from Guérande, France.

"LOVE" CARAMELS: Same as our Certified Organic Maple Honey Caramels but topped with a handmade Certified Organic Dark Chocolate Heart – an original and delicious way to say “Je t’aime”!


Each gift box is made with 100% Green, recyclable and compostable hand-stamped natural kraft carton boxes – hand tied with decorative red string and hand-sealed with J. Herbin premium all natural French hot sealing wax. Maple Honey Caramel boxes are sealed with vibrant red sealing wax and Love Caramel boxes are sealed with elegant golden sealing wax. Boxes measure: height 1 ½ “, width x 4 ½ “, depth 2 ½.

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