Top 10 FAQs

At Gourmet Wedding Gifts, our goal is to make shopping with us EASY and FUN! You can always contact us with any and all questions. To see our top 10 frequently asked questions, read below:

1. How do I customize my sticker/tag?

After you place your order we'll email you to ask for your personalization details and color choices. You can choose from our custom design options here or send us your own design. As soon as we have your answers, we'll create your unique design and email you a design proof to review. You can request as many edits as you'd like until you're 1000% happy with your design. We will not print your sticker/tag until you approve the design via email or text (sometimes our customers like to do this process via text message).

2. Can I see my sticker/tag design before it's printed?

Heck to the YEA! See the answer right above for exactly how this is done!

3. Can I use my own design for stickers/tags

Yep! Please emails your design, preferably an EPS or AI file to

4. When should I place my edible favors order so it arrives fresh?

We recommend placing your order AT LEAST 4 weeks in advance. 

All orders placed less within one of the wedding/event are subject to a $25 rush fee. All orders placed the week before the wedding/event will be charged an additional $50 so we can stop absolutely everything that we're doing to focus solely on your order!

We are committed to FRESH! After you place your order, we'll coordinate your unique shipping timeline to ensure your order is made, shipped and arrives fresh, typically one week before your wedding date. We will email you the exact timeline so that you can review and approve it before it's finalized. This means, even if you place your order 6 months or even one year in advance, we'll make sure your order is made to order and shipped fresh for your wedding.

5. How much is shipping?

It's your lucky day? Just kidding, all your days are lucky here at Gourmet Wedding Gifts, SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!! Big fat ZERO DOLLARS! Everyone hates shipping, we do too - so we said the heck with it.

6. Help! I'm having an issue with my order

At your service!! Reach out as soon as you notice a problem with any order and we promise to do absolutely EVERYTHING we can to fix it! Whether we are up in the sky flying across the country, road tripping through Hungary, sweaty in an uber after yoga or even if it's 3AM ... by the way ALL of these scenarios have happened and YOU ALWAYS COME FIRST!


7. I don't see specific product that I need

Than we can ABSOLUTELY help you! We LOVE custom requests and orders. Believe it or not it takes a REALLY long time to add absolutely everything we can make/create to the website and we could have just one wish, it would be for a magic genie to add it all! Until that day comes, we work with couples all the time to create custom gifts, favors, welcome bags, cake toppers, escort cards... you name it! Just email, call or text us with what you're looking for and we will let you know if and how we can help.

8. Does a real person reply if I text you?

Yeaaaahhhhh, of course! These days people love to text (us included) and like we said, we want to make shopping with us EASY and FUN - like shopping with your bestie! Text 908-864-7131 and Evona will answer any questions you have whether it's with an existing order or with any other questions you have about our gifts.

9. Can you ship to my venue or coordinator?

Of course! You will be asked to add a shipping address to your order while checking out. Often customers use their wedding venue or coordinator's address *after getting their approval to receive packages before the wedding. On our end we will help you ship where and when you need the order to arrive. After you place your order, we'll coordinate your unique shipping timeline to ensure your order is made, shipped and arrives fresh, typically one week before your wedding date (if it's edible). We will email you the exact timeline so that you can review and approve it before it's finalized. 

10. My question is not on this list

We can help! Email or call/text: 716.901.1500 with any and all questions and we'll get back to right away!


Gourmet Wedding Gifts Mike and Evona


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